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Our Work

Some of our projects to date

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UK Based Car Wash

Our client was spending £1000's on water costs every year. We re-directed the drainage from a nearby roof into water tanks with a premium filtration system to remove any sediment. Every time it rains, the water is collected and stored in the water tanks so the car wash can re-use and save £1000's every year on water costs. 


Apartment Complex

A complex of 750 apartments in the south of Spain were spending a lot of money each year to maintain and grow their communal gardens. We re-directed the rain water into 10,000 litre tanks which we fitted in a shaded underground area and the water can be reused for gardens throughout the year. When Spain has a heavy downpour, it is essential to collect and store the water and maintain it throughout the year with the correct chemicals to prevent stagnation. This complex has reduced it's yearly water costs by €1,000's



Apartment Complex #2

Our second apartment complex in the south of Spain were again, we redirected the rain water drainage into 10,000 litre tanks. Throughout the year we maintain this water so it can be reused for the complex's garden areas to reduce water waste and costs for the community. 


Golf Course #1

As we expand our presence across Spain, we have now worked with some high profile golf courses to collect rain water from roof space so it can be reused on the course, practise areas or surrounding gardens to reduce water costs for the club and members. 

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